Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Industrial Action – Tuesday 14th July

Make your voice heard

UNISON members in London Met voted overwhelmingly to take strike action, to show our anger and frustration to an employer who simply isn’t listening. An employer who ground itself deeper and deeper into debt. An employer whose management won’t be paying the price for this incompetence and mismanagement – WE ARE!

An employer who is intent to carry on regardless with the largest number of redundancies faced by the Higher Education Sector in the country – no matter what.

We asked for the voluntary severance scheme to be extended – they said NO

We asked for proper and meaningful consultation where our concerns could be heard and listened to – they said NO

We asked for intervention from HEFCE and education ministers – they said NO

We even tried to take strike action last week, they falsely claimed not to have been notified properly, they misled you – and then they said NO

Now, we are the ones saying NO

NO more redundancies until we’ve seen the equality impact assessments on the redundancy plans, they have a legal duty to do this

NO more redundancies until our alternatives have been listened to properly, what’s the point in entering into negotiations if they don’t intend to listen

NO more redundancies until we can be guaranteed that those facing compulsory redundancies are offered the same as those who took voluntary severance

All members are called to take part in the strike action on 14th July. Pickets will be arranged by the branch committee and each workplace will have a senior rep.

All members are expected to attend picket lines on the day.

We didn’t cause the current financial problems they are facing – but we will be expected to pay for them – with our jobs!


  1. Ed Margerum, Salem, Massachusetts9 July 2009 at 17:26

    As a distant observer, it is an inescapable conclusion that the intent of HEFC is to drive London Met into bankruptcy and dissolution. No public funded institution can be expected repay £38.5m and the HEFC allows the administrative miscreants who brought about the crisis to remain unscathed and in charge.

    HEFC funding rules are inappropriate for a university largely drawing its students from disadvantaged backgrounds. London Met is not Oxbridge where the elite get on the conveyor belt of success. It is a place of opportunity for those who otherwise lack resources and connections to make meaningful contributions to society. As such, it's demise would be a tragedy.

  2. Have a successful day of action on 14th. I would definitely join you (In the old PCL days I was very nearly a student there) but it's the one day in July I just can't make.
    Dave K.
    University of Lincoln